Hyperbaric Therapy Makes a Positive Impact on Kathryn Kinchen.

Hyperbaric therapy makes a positive impact on Kathryn Kinchen.

Hi to everyone reading our testimony. 2008 mission trip to Haiti came back to GA, USA with a rash on my chest. Within 4 weeks I was getting weaker and one evening clasped with a 105.4 fever I did NOT want to go to the hospital by morning after lying on a stone floor all night to keep my temp down, my husband insisted. Had blood drawn and the results showed problems with my liver. The next test was sonogram to prove that my liver was enlarged. The different diagnosis’s were hepatics and lymes. I started to concentrate on healing my liver, to feed what it needed to heal. The hyperbaric chamber just made the most sense! First visit I slept like a baby and it took about 10 sessions and WOW everything in my body was singing. In August 2010 my husband passed and due to my sadness, off to the chamber again and through the steady oxygen I became peaceful in my heart and started to breath properly again. I am just so grateful for the center, commitment the dedication of Bill Schlinder and his staff to helping ALL sorts of issues. From physical to emotional trauma and we can have it ALL, with HBOT!

Thank you again, Kathryn Kinchen.

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