Janai, five year old autistic girl improves with hyperbaric therapy.

Summary of the testimonial

Janai: Autism 5 years old Started HBOT in December 2006 Went 4 times a week until March 2007 (completed 40 treatments) Started noticing a difference in Janai upon completing 30 treatments Janai became more calm in her demeanor, her attention span and social engagment increased and her eye contact became very good. She also started following 2 step directions without prompting. Resumed HBOT in May 2007 Currently going 2 times a week (at 60+ treatments) Janai's attention span and social engagement continues to increase. She has started to enjoy other kids when they are playing; sometimes she will mimic them. In addition, her understanding of what is being said and what is going on around her has increased, and she is starting to follow 3 step directions without prompting. Overall, I believe that HBOT has been a great benefit to Janai. Coupled with her diet (GF/CF, low sugar, nothing artificial) Janai has been transformed into a sweet, compliant, more calm and more engaged little girl.
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