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Interview with Dr. Dan A. Rossignol: Pt. 1

A transcript of an interview with a leading expert on treating Autism with Hyperbaric

HBO may improve symptoms in autistic children

An article summarizing evidence for HBO and autism

Hyperbaric Therapy for Children with Autism

An abstract of a double-binded controlled study.

Transient exposure of rat pups to hyperoxia does not cause retinopathy

Full text of a study investingating the possibility of hyperoxia in inducing vision-threatening retinopathy

Hyperbaric Treatment for Wound Healing

A case study of hyperbaric used to enhance healing post cosmetic surgery.

Origin and timing of brain lesions in term infants with neonatal encephalopathy

Full text of a study aimed to test the hypothesis that neonatal encephalopathy, early neonatal seizures, or both result from early antenatal insults.

HBO for children with cerebral palsy

The full text of a controlled study

A letter advocating hyperbaric for cosmetic surgery

Dr. Michelson discusses several arease where he has succesfully applied hyperbaric.

Lactate up-regulates mitochondrial oxygen consumption

An abstract of a study of the effects of lactate on mitochondrial oxygen consumption in rats.

HBO for Cerebral Stroke, Brain Trauma, And Neurologic Disease

An abstract of an article summarizing HBO successes.

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