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Stem Cell Collection And Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

A story about a 48 year old patient utilizing hyperbaric as part of a treatment plan for multiple myeloma.

Family improves health of ailing children with hyperbaric chamber

A Story published on about two children, 8 and 10, suffering from mitochondrial disease and autism. The family and their doctor share stories of improvment after treatment with hyperbaric.

Life is Better With Oxygen

A single page article about the benefits of Personal Hyperbaric Therapy for the average joe/jane.

An Introduction to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism

Dr. Kyle Van Dyke takes you through an overview of HBT as an indication for autism.

Gianna in a Place of Grace and hope

The story of Gianna, a girl recovering from a severe seizure disorder, is told by her parents. Hyperbaric therapy is an instrumental part of her treatment.

Hyperbaric Therapy-Based Multimode Therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy

Full text of a study investigating the inclusion of HBO for the treatment of CP

ABC of Oxygen transport—2. Tissue hypoxia

An article explaining many technical aspects of hypoxia in various tissues

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: medical hope or hot air?

An article published on that summarizes eveidence for the indication of hyperbaric for cerbral palsy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Cures Stroke

A success story published in a newsletter called "Second Opinion"

Interview with Dr. Dan A. Rossignol: Pt. 2

A transcript of an interview with a leading expert on treating Autism with Hyperbaric

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